Kenya Power’s Prepaid Meter Update: What You Need to Know

Kenya Power, the country’s leading electricity distributor, has recently announced a major update to its prepaid meter system. This update aims to enhance security and prevent potential replication of tokens, ensuring a more reliable and efficient power supply for millions of Kenyans.
The update targets 7.4 million prepaid meters using the Standard Transfer Specification (STS) protocol. Kenya Power has set a deadline of August 31, 2024, for all prepaid meters to be updated, after which any meters not upgraded will no longer accept tokens.

The Changes
The changes made by the Kenyan government to the prepaid meter system are primarily focused on improving security and efficiency. The key changes include:

  • Transitioning to a new STS-compliant system: The current prepaid meter system is being upgraded to a new system that adheres to the STS protocol. This global overhaul aims to enhance the security of token generation and transfer.

  • Preventing token replication: The new system will prevent the potential replication of tokens, which can lead to unauthorized access and power theft.

  • Enhancing overall system security: The update is part of a broader effort to improve the security and reliability of Kenya Power’s electricity distribution network.

Steps to Update Your Prepaid Meter

  • Receive the reset and update codes: You will receive two codes from Kenya Power – a reset code and an update code. This can happen when you purchase new tokens or if you haven’t bought tokens recently, Kenya Power will send the codes directly.

  • Enter the reset code: Enter the reset code into your meter first and press enter.

  • Enter the update code: Then enter the update code and press enter to complete the update process.

  • Load previously purchased tokens: Make sure to load any previously purchased tokens before updating, as unused tokens will become invalid after the update.

  • Confirm successful update: If the update is successful, your meter will accept new tokens without issue. If not, the meter will stop accepting tokens after the August 31, 2024 deadline.

Reach out for assistance: Kenya Power has set up dedicated support teams to assist customers with the update process. You can reach out to their customer service for any queries.

Frequently Asked Questions
How will I know if the update is successful?

If the update is successful, your meter will accept new electricity tokens without issue.
What will happen to my previously purchased tokens?
Make sure that all old tokens have been loaded onto your prepaid meter before updating. If you update before loading old tokens, they will be invalid and can’t be used.

How much does it cost to update my token meter?

The process of updating your meter is free.
Will the Update Token Meter Yako affect the cost of electricity tokens?

No. The Update Token Meter Yako will only update the software of your meter.
What happens if I don’t update my meter?

If the meter isn’t updated, it will not accept tokens.
When is the deadline for Update Token Meter Yako?
The deadline is August 31st, 2024.
What happens after the deadline for Update Token Meter Yako?
Meters will not accept tokens generated.

The Importance of Updating Your Meter
The prepaid meter update is crucial for maintaining the security and efficiency of Kenya Power’s electricity distribution system. By transitioning to a new STS-compliant system, the company aims to prevent token replication and ensure a more reliable power supply for its customers.
Failure to update your meter by the August 31, 2024 deadline will result in your meter being unable to accept new tokens, potentially leading to disruptions in your electricity supply. It is therefore essential that all prepaid meter users participate in the update process to avoid any inconvenience.

Assistance and Support
Kenya Power has put in place measures to ensure a smooth and efficient update process for its customers. The company has set up dedicated support teams to assist with any queries or issues that may arise during the update process.
Customers can reach out to Kenya Power’s customer service for assistance or visit the company’s official website for more information on the update process.

It is crucial that all prepaid meter users participate in the update process by following the simple steps outlined above and loading any previously purchased tokens before the August 31, 2024 deadline. With the support and assistance provided by Kenya Power, the update process should be smooth and efficient for all customers.